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Sellf, Your Personal CRM

Sellf is the mobile app that simplifies the management of sales activities and customer relations as never before.
Finally an app that works for you and not vice versa.

As quick as you are

As quick as you are

Instantly record and update each new contact and business opportunity on the go.
Sellf enables immediate updates on progress after every meeting or phone call, so you are always ready for your next opportunity or appointment.
No more extra homeworks in the evenings or weekends.

Everything under control

Sellf is your very own personal assistant.
Sellf collects all relevant details on contacts, todos, emails, and appointments, to provide you with a complete and up-to-date overview of your sales activities.

Sellf reminds you of all your tasks: no more lost opportunities because of forgotten follow-ups or unreturned calls.

And there’s more: with the automatic collection of information, Sellf minimizes the need to enter data, saving you time that can be spent closing more deals, and…well, why not? More time to relax too!
Less stress with better results, guaranteed.

Everything under control



Which are the hottest opportunities? The most important clients? How do I use my time?

The control panel helps you answers all these questions. You can monitor results and link them to tasks, to understand where you need to focus, receive feedback on your work, and anticipate problems to capitalize on all opportunities.



Your data will be always your own.
 No information will be shared with others, unless you want to. 
The data can be exported at any time with a simple email request.



Our servers are hosted by cloud operators leaders in the market, and all data is encrypted via SSL. We believe the security of your data is one of the most important features of Sellf.



Your data is always accessible, even when you’re offline. Sellf regularly and automatically backs up your data on our servers, so that you do not need to worry about manual backups.

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