Sellf joins forces with ForceManager to create the sales assistant of the future

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Sellf joins forces with ForceManager to create the sales assistant of the future

Message from Diego Pizzocaro, CEO and Founder @ Sellf

I am writing this post to share some exciting news with you on behalf of the entire team at Sellf. As of this week, Sellf has merged with ForceManager, the leading smart assistant for field sales teams.

When we founded Sellf back in 2013, we had a vision to create a new CRM inspired by fitness apps for runners – like Runkeeper and Runtastic – i.e. mobile in nature and 100% focused on achieving goals in business.

We worked a lot to provide a dynamic tool that motivates field sales reps to aspire, achieve and ultimately surpass their quarterly sales targets. Thanks to the support of our customers, we have achieved incredible results like “Apple Most Innovative App of 2015” and “Apple Best New Business App Worldwide”, and most of all the incredible milestone of helping more than 600 companies around the globe to reach sales goals.

ForceManager has been designed to make life easier by acting as a smart sales assistant for field sales teams on-the-go. We truly love their CRM solution that offers the perfect blend of Artificial Intelligence and intuitive design, transforming the smartphone into the modern-day personal sales assistant for field teams.

Both ForceManager and Sellf share a vision to reinvent field sales through digitization, and to make that possible, we decided to come together and combine our two solutions in order to deliver a new and improved product designed for the specific needs of field sales reps and their managers.
By integrating our two platforms and merging our Gamification features – like sales campaigns, badges and advanced goal management – with their AI capabilities, we are dedicated to delivering to our customers the best-in-class technology to bring your field sales operations to the next level.

Joining forces will also allow us to enlarge our presence in Italy by expanding our Italian team and at the same time to truly go international thanks to ForceManager presence in 36 countries and a global team of over 150 people dedicated to providing a better service to our customers worldwide.

We won’t stop here – our mission is to create the sales assistant of the future, so look forward to new features and new talent behind the scenes. We’re just getting started!

As always, we are here to help so if you have any questions about how this will benefit you and your field teams, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you, happy selling.

Diego Pizzocaro

CEO/Founder @ Sellf

Sellf & ForceManager

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