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Say Hello to the New Products Catalogue

With this new update, Deal Types will be automatically converted into Product Types, a new amazing feature that will allow you to configure products that your sales team is selling and organize them into a product catalouge with default prices, discounts and markups.

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Deal types will now evolve in Products 

In your account, Deal types let you customize your deals value calculation by associating a margin to each deal. In this example, you can see two deal types, Life Insurance and Home Insurance, to which you associated 150% and 110% margin respectively.


Starting today deal types will be automatically changed into Products, but associated margin percentages won’t change, you will be able to find them in the field “Incentive”. 

Deal values will remain the same as well, any changes you make to the Products will not affect the old deals (the changes are not retroactive).

In the Deals section, you will be able to filter your deals according to Product variables. Products also have an impact when you choose the deals value type in your Filters. To display Value associated to ex-Margins (so far called “Marginalized value” ), you’ll now have to click on “Value by Incentive”. 

As you can see from the example, the deal with the product “Life Insurance” worth 10.000 $ and an incentive of 150% will have a value of 15.000 $. 

 Learn more by reading our detailed FAQ 

on how the new Products Catalogue works