The Best Sales Blogs in Italy you can’t miss

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The Best Sales Blogs in Italy you can’t miss

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to sell. Every industry, every company and even every negotiation is different and should be treated appropriately. Precisely for this reason, after reading several huge books on the subject, I came to the conclusion that to improve my selling skills, the most useful thing is to follow the best sales blogs. In their blogs, indeed, experts and successful people talk about their experience, often through examples on the field, and offer insights that I can adapt to my own real situations.

But of course my time – as yours – is limited: we can not waste precious minutes, perhaps during our coffee break, to read poorly written articles or content of little value. So in the last years I have tested and skimmed the best blogs and experts to follow, drawing up a list of the top blogs and influencers that talk about sales and personal development in Italy, plus other more international ones. Now I would like to share my list with you, hoping that it will be useful to you too!

Sales and selling skills

Frank is one of the top marketing experts in Italy, known by most of the vendors and entrepreneurs. Starting from the idea that the concept “selling is a natural talent” is totally false, Frank developed a step by step selling method to help anyone be successful in sales, which he teaches in his seminars and through the articles of his blog. Not to be missed!

Not only sales: Piernicola, a serial entrepreneur, helps you take your time back while working in business and sales. Enough of working all day forgetting your life! Aimed primarily at entrepreneurs, but also at business man of different types, the Simpness blog teaches a method that helps you be more productive, learn to delegate and to regain your freedom.

Thanks to their blogs, the countless videos and their books, Fabiola and Paolo, a couple of Italian trainers,  started to acquire a wide of visibility on the Web and beyond. Focusing on communication, they help entrepreneurs and sellers improve their trading skills and the presentation of their products and services, learning how to close more sales with less effort.

Consultant and seller with decades of experience, Piero spent a lot of time reading books about sales techniques and attended the best seminars, applying the learnt concepts on his own customers and identifying which ones work and which do not. Through his blog, Piero shares his discoveries, publishing articles full of practical examples and even small “exercises”, inviting you to put them into practice. Definitely very interactive!

Considered one of the leading Italian sales and communication trainers, Alessandro shares his decennial experience as sales agent and then director of marketing & sales for large companies. In his blog, he talks about effective communication techniques for selling and online marketing.

Business coach and trainer, Antonio writes articles merging content related to sales techniques, leadership and personal growth, including plenty of practical examples and funny pictures. A pleasant read, full of great food for thought!

(Suggested by our users) Mental coach and sales trainer, Fabio developed his know-how and training skills both following the best trainers in the world and working with Italian multinational companies. In his blog he offers his experience through videos, articles and guides, helping you improve your mindset and become a capable and credible seller.

(Suggested by our users) Network of professional sellers, the “Commercial The Salesman” is based on a Linkedin Group that counts more than 11,000 members. The blog collects the most interesting articles, podcasts and video on topics related to sales from blogs around the world, to stay updated on new trends and start interesting discussions with the other network members.


Marketing and Online sales

Do you have a blog or want to launch one, with the goal to sell your product or service? Then you can not miss BlogInvasion, another blog from Frank Merenda with all the advice to write the right articles and promote your blog.

Italian reference point for the online marketing world, NinjaMarketing is your secret weapon to keep updated on all the news about innovation, marketing and beyond. Very useful to anyone involved in sales and to freelancers in digital fields, but also to those who like to surprise friends and colleagues with the last tech news.

Web consultant for over ten years, Francesco helps companies, professionals and sellers to find customers online. Tips about how to start a blog, how to launch an e-commerce,  how to improve your online visibility and also how to deal with customers.

Focused mainly on online sales, Giovanni offers his proved experience in creating e-commerce companies from scratch and bring them to success.

Recently launched blog that’s already visited nationwide, Merita Blog guides those who work in management and sales to better understand the online world and the latest trends, providing interesting tips through articles and podcasts.

Personal development and leadership

Internationally famous trainer, Roberto Re helps people bring out the best of themselves. Articles, videos and books to become leaders of yourself and succeed in work and life.

Another brilliant and internationally famous trainer, Roberto Cerè is an author, entrepreneur and mental coach. He mastered in leadership and coaching for executives in the United States, becoming an international neuro linguistic programming teacher (NLP). His events attract an impressive number of people across Europe.

The blog to become more effective at work and in private life. Advice on how to overcome the tendency to procrastinate, how to become successful leaders (of others and of yourself) and how to be the person that we would like, all seasoned with a breath of freshness and spontaneity.

Sales blogs from the world

Defined the best magazine for sales managers to learn successful strategies, Selling Power is one of the most popular sales blogs in the world. From advice on how to manage the purchasing process. to those on how to recruit top agents, it is definitely a resource to add to your feed reader.

Determined and brilliant, Jill is known as a major sales influencer in the world, and she is often invited as a speaker at major industry events. In his blog she talks about her personal experience, offering advice on how to solve the worst sales problems through practical examples.

Iannarino is the sales trainer I prefer: short articles that you can read in less than a minute, very focused around a main topic but which very interesting point of view. I’ve found myself reflecting upon one of the situations he describers months later!


Do you know and follow other Italian blogs about sales, marketing and personal development? Write the blogs in the comments and we’ll add them to the article with a special thanks!