Startup Italia Blog: “Two Italian apps are the most innovative for Apple. Here they are”

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Startup Italia Blog: “Two Italian apps are the most innovative for Apple. Here they are”
Sellf CRM best app

“The Italy of apps is celebrating. Two are the Italian apps that triumph on iTunes. In the Best of 2015 for iPhone wins Quokky, a startup from Udine, which was chosen “as the most innovative” thanks to a smart technology to store documents. The first place in the iPad category goes to Sellf, an innovative startup from Padua, which helps sells more and improves the activities of small business owners and freelancers.


Self, the app for freelancers that raised 1 million Euros. “The idea was born three years ago. With friends we used to develop app to round up. Often we worked at night and because of the many tasks and fatigue we were losing customers; for example, we said that we would called them and then we did not have time to do it. Then we thought to create an app that could act as a coach, to help you achieve your goals. A Runkeeper (famous app for running workouts) of the business”, tells Diego Pizzocaro, 32 year-old computer engineer from Padua, to Startupitalia! in an interview a few weeks ago.”

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