Zapier Update: We’re Going Global + 3 Amazing Integrations!

Zapier Update: We’re Going Global + 3 Amazing Integrations!
Sellf + Zapier

Two months ago we announced our integration with Zapier, one of the best solutions for those who want to automate and integrate together different apps and software.

Here is an update: our Zapier integration just went global!  Which means that from now on you don’t have to register to the beta anymore. It’s available in the Zapier catalogue!

Many of you have already tested Zapier’s potential but for those who haven’t tried it yet, here are 3 “Zap Templates” ready to use to build your own amazing integration.  Of course if you want to build your own integration without using one of the templates available on our Zapier catalogue page check instead this page explaining how to create your own Zap.

Sellf has also native integrations and if you’re a developer or have the internal skills to do it you can also use our APIs to build your own integration or app on top of Sellf, learn more by checking out our full integration page!


Zap_FullContactAdd Sellf people from new FullContact business cards

FullContact is the perfect solution for those who have a lot of business card and don’t want to import all the contacts manually. Usually, one of the most tedious task is  transferring contacts between different apps but thanks to Zapier you can do it automatically: when you snap a pic of a business card with FullContact, this automation will add a new person to Sellf. Keep in touch with every new business contact you meet and start planning the deal, just in a touch.

How it works

  1. Scan a new business card in FullContact
  2. Zapier adds that information to Sellf as a new person

Use this zap now




Marketing automation with MailChimp: add your subscribers to Sellf as deals

We all are in the “inbound marketing era” and we know how important is to turn every newsletter subscriber in a new customer. If you are asking yourself how to create a new deal in Sellf when you get a new MailChimp subscriber, the answer is “creating a Zap between Sellf and Mailchimp!”  With this integration, Zapier will automatically take new subscribers added to the list of your choice and automatically send them to Sellf as deals. That way, you can extend your marketing from your email newsletters to a direct relationship with your followers.

How it works

  1. A Subscriber is created in a MailChimp list
  2. Zapier automatically creates a deal in Sellf 

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Sellf + Salesforce:

If your Company uses Salesforce for its analytical skills but prefers to equip sellers with Sellf to take advantage from our mobile and user friendly approach, you can connect them each other with this automation. In this way you can save yourself the trouble of copying and pasting data. After it’s been activated, Zapier will capture every new opportunity you add on Salesforce and add them as new deals on Sellf.

How It Works

  1. You add a new opportunity to your Salesforce account
  2. Zapier adds that opportunity to your Sellf account as a new deal

Use this zap now



These are just a few of our “Zap Templates” which you can find on our Zapier catalogue page.  Just remember that you can create a custom Zap with your own integration here is the link to learn how to create your own Zap. Finally remember that Sellf has also native integrations and you can use our APIs to build your own integration or app on top of Sellf, learn more by checking out our full integration page!

Are you experimenting other Sellf-Zapier integrations? We’d love to know what Zap you’re building 🙂
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