The Mobile CRM to Bring Your Sales Team’s Performance to the Next Level

Manage prospects, customers and deals, organize your time and collaborate with your team.


"Super easy to use on the go, the king of mobile CRMs!"

Jonathan Gibson - Hernan Inc (USA)

"Just 1 month using it and I've increased my productivity by 25%."

Juliano Li - AFC, BSc (Singapore)

"We tripled our 90 days revenue using Sellf."

Benny Hui - Spacious (Hong Kong)


Help your team reach sales goals, faster!

Visualize immediately where you stand towards your goal, stay motivated, let your team play and compete.
Sellf helps you to centralize and share information on deals with your team for better co-operation.
Receive real-time updates on closed deals and motivate your team with goal-progress badges.

Help your team reach sales goals, faster!

Make your sales team
more productive

Sellf organizes your agenda and reminds you about your to-dos: calls to make, meetings to arrange, emails to send. You'll never forget a potential customer again.
And you can see them on a beautiful map.

  • Events

    Events Plan events with customers organize team meetings.
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  • Events

    Task Create and assign reminders to your collaborators.
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  • Log calls

    Log calls Log calls automatically & increase feedback collection with smart alerts.
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  • Files

    FILE MANAGEMENT Attach any file to deals, share them with your team.
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  • Notes

    Notes Leave and share notes on customers and deals. Decide who has access.
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Make your sales team more productive

Get insights into the past and predict the future

Our visual reporting section gives you analytics to make smarter business decisions.

Who is the best performer in your team?

Get a clear overview of your team performance over time and give them instant feedback on their own activities.
You will immediately see who is closing more deals and you will be able to identify early on if someone is having issues and provide immediate help them.

Activity Reports

What are your most important customer acquisition channels?

As you and your team begin adding deal sources to deals, you’ll start to assemble an invaluable data set for tracking where your qualified leads are coming from. You will be able to see the best acquisiton channels across your team’s deals and apply rich data filters.

Activity Reports

Do you know who your most profitable customer really is?

See instantly the distribution of your company’s closed deals divided by account. Know who’s really bringing you the most profit by setting profit margins and win probabilities.
Get confirmation on what’s your best selling product with the highest margin and get reports on how much do any of these customers contribute the most to your overall team sales goals.

Activity Reports

Gain more power connecting your favourite tools

Your team is most productive when you can find your entire sales workflow is in one place from start to finish.
We built Sellf to work jointly with the tools used by you and your team and its intuitive design helps you to connect them fast! Integrate Sellf with a growing number of applications and platforms, making your work easier every day!

More Power with the tools you already use

Bring Your Sales Team's Performance to the next level