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  • "Sellf è stata premiata da Apple come app più innovativa del 2015. 
Aiuta a raggiungere i propri obiettivi commerciali rendendo il tracciamento delle attività svolte per i clienti molto immediato e incoraggiando a ogni azione il raggiungimento degli obiettivi". Sole 24 Ore

  • I absolutely LOVE Sellf. Having tried a lot (and wasted a ton of money) on other apps, I have stuck with Sellf and think it is simply brilliant. Keep it up guys. I have been a paid user from the early days and simply love it. It makes keeping a pipeline fun and so visual it’s great for creatives. I tell everyone about it too! Looking forward to the next record month going into your amazing app. Honestly, it's epic!
    Rupert MarlowRupert MarlowPhotographer
  • Our management has looked for a CRM system that is sleek, intuitive, and engaging for our sales team for the past two years. Nothing came up that didn't end up stealing our staff's time counting beans instead of selling; until Sellf. With Sellf, we are able to achieve actual sales growth and validation of that growth because of the visibility and functional tools it provides us. Sellf was built by salespeople. Thank you!
    Jon Switzer Jon Switzer Account Executive - Alphagraphics Billings
  • Great App, this is exactly what was missing in this field! I’ve been looking for a long time for an app like this helpful in my sales account job. I strongly recommend this to anyone like me who needs to manage meetings and orders.
     Marco D’Andrea Marco D’AndreaSales account Texi srl - idee per comunicare
  • I’m really satisfied with Sellf: from the moment I started using it I improved sales and relationships with both customers and sales agents, I’ve got everything under control now: prices, offers, phone calls and meetings. Before Sellf I was hardly using other CRMs which were static and useless like Siebel, now I’m super-productive!
    Domenico Uccheddu - Sales ManagerDomenico Uccheddu - Sales ManagerRadici Group
  • Amazing UI (slick and intuitive) and more! I've been testing and trying many CRM-like apps over the last few weeks to find the best solution for my work as a sales rep and Sellf has all the elements I was looking for!
    Philippe LeeMPhilippe LeeMMedOR Solutions

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