Brand Guidelines


Sellf Logo & Brand Mark

The Sellf brand consists of the Sellf name and logo. It is our universal signature we use across all of our communications. We want it to be instantly recognisable, so we politely ask that you don’t edit the marks and use in a confusing way.
Please, read carefully the guidelines below.

Full Logotype usage

The primary Sellf logo utilizes the full colored logotype, which can ONLY be used on a white or black background.


Use the colored version as much as possible, but if you are using the Sellf logo on any other background color, use either the black or white monochrome logo.



Clear space

To preserve the integrity of the Sellf logo, always maintain a minimum clear space around it. Do not allow photos, typography, or other graphic elements to enter the minimum clear space area.


Incorrect use of the logo

To ensure accurate and consistent use, the Sellf logo should not be altered for any reason. Please do not:


Do not

rotate the logo or alter the mark positioning in relation to the Sellf name.

Incorrect 2

Do not

use on primary color background or over background colors that clash. If in doubt, use monochrome logo.

Incorrect 3

Do not

stretch the logo.

Incorrect 4

Do not

change the gradients on the mark.

Incorrect 5

Do not

change the font on the logotype.

Incorrect 6

Do not

fill in or change the color in the mark and logotype.

Incorrect 7

Do not

outline the mark or logotype.

Incorrect 8

Do not

centre lock-up.

Brand colors

Sellf’s brand primary color palette is made up of Sellf Green, Deep Blue, Purple and a range of grays. Secondary colors are the one used for Sellf entities (contacts, todos, events, notes). In order to add colors to Sellf communication you can use this brand colors palettes displayed below. As a general rule of thumb, Sellf green and purple are used sparingly with white and gray’s as the primary colors seen through out compositions.

Primary colors

Sellf Green


Deep Blue





Secondary colors





Application icons

Please use our app icon when mentioning our applications.

Sellf App Icon

Round icon

Sellf App Icon

Square icon

App icon usage

Determine the minimum clear space around the icon by measuring one half of the icon’s size on all sides.

A minimum size ensures that the impact and legibility of the icon is not compromised in application. Always maintain their set proportions and never show the icon smaller than 32x32pixels.

Sellf App Icon Clear Space

Product images

Below you can download images of our products and features to be used in press media.
In case you can’t find what you need, please write us.

Product Images

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