Cookie policy

Last modified: October 6th, 2016

Cookies are small text files that websites visited by users send to the browser of their terminals, where they are stored for subsequent retransmission to the same websites at the time of the same user’s next visit. When navigating any site, users may receive on their terminals also cookies sent by different sites or web servers (so-called “third party cookies”), which may contain some elements also existing in the website the users are visiting.

The Website uses cookies for the following purposes:

technical cookies:
these are cookies used for the only purpose of “electronic communication, or as strictly required by a provider of any IT service expressly requested by the subscriber or the user, to provide such service” (see Article 122, paragraph 1, of the Code).

They are not used for other purposes and, typically, they are directly installed by the website owner or administrator. Technical cookies collected and processed in the Website may be divided into navigation or session cookies, ensuring standard navigation and use of the website (e.g. for making a purchase or for authentication to access reserved areas); cookie analytics, similar to technical cookies whenever they are used directly by the site administrator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site; functionality cookies, allowing user navigation according to a set of selected criteria (e.g. language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided by the same.

For the installation of such cookies, users’ prior consent is not required.

profiling cookies:
their purpose is to create users’ profiles; they are used in order to send advertising messages in line with users’ browsing habits.
The Website uses such cookies to create your navigation profile which enables us to send you behavioural or targeted advertising, to show you contents and to offer you marketing initiatives based on the single sections of our Website that have become more important for you and your interests. These cookies are also administered by our Company.
The profiling cookies directly collected and processed by the Company are the following:

Mixpanel (:mp_mixpanel__c, mp_”32-digit-number”_mixpanel ).
These are “runtime” generated cookies based on user session; they are used to trace potential errors, to identify the most used sections as well as for communications aimed at improving service use experience.

third party cookies:
these are cookies allowing to create a user profile based on their navigation experience on this website and all other websites. In this way, we can offer you targeted advertising rather than general advertising. These cookies are administered by our company and are called third party cookies.

Please go to the following links to view the third parties’ policy privacy:

Mixpanel (:mp_mixpanel__c, mp_”32-digit-number”_mixpanel )


Autopilot (:*

Cookie allowing to provide content suggestions and targeted advertising of Sellf features and services only within our website or via email.


Sumome (:*

Cookie allowing to provide subscription services to our newsletter and to advertise other content via pop-up ads together with offers only within our website.


Uservoice (uvt e uvts)
Cookie allowing to provide customer care services through the platform at



Cloudfare (__cfduid)
Cookie to save information on the query origin IP and assess web traffic at



Cookie tracing errors in web app at



Google Analytics (_gat, _ga)
This Website collects thirdy party cookies also with statistic purposes, in particular through Google Analytics, which is a web analysis service provided by Google. Google uses the collected Data in order to trace and examine the use of this Website, to make reports and share them with the other services developed by Google. Website: ttps://


Warning: When you access the Website for the first time, a banner pops up on your PC screen. If you click “OK” in the banner or you continue navigating the Website, you automatically give your consent to the collection and use of cookies by the Company.

Options regarding the use of cookies

You may select the option that your PC warns you every time you are sent a cookie, or that all cookies are disabled. You can do it through your browser settings. Since every browser has slightly different functions, please go to the “help” menu of your browser to understand how you may properly change the cookies settings.
You may then change the browser settings to delete the cookies or not to save them in the computer or mobile device without your express consent. To better understand how to set your browser, go to the following links:

If you disable cookies, you will not have access to many features which make this Website more efficient, and a few of our services will not work properly.