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The CRM for creative, media
and marketing agencies.

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Manage your deals

Concentrate on your leads
and customers wherever you are

More productivity  

Free up your time from repetitive
and unproductive tasks

Perfect cooperation

Always up-to-date
with your team

Fantastic app, just what was needed in this sector! I had been looking for an app like this for some time. One that is useful in the work of a sales account. I recommend it to those like me who have to handle many orders and appointments.
Marco D'Andrea Texi Srl - Idee per comunicare

All your deals at a glance

Your hottest and most important deals are highlighted. You see how you're doing and which deals to prioritize. You're no longer in danger of forgetting a customer. And you will know which previous service or offer brought the best results.


I absolutely LOVE Sellf. Having tried a lot (and wasted a ton of money) on other apps, I have stuck with Sellf and think it is simply brilliant. It makes keeping a pipeline fun and so visual it's great for creatives. I tell everyone about it too! — Rupert Marlow

Perfect collaboration with your team

Appointments, phone calls, emails and all the information is shared with your team. Your sales opportunities perfectly managed at last. You can engage your team by assigning a task to do, and everyone is updated when it's completed.

With Sellf, my finger's on the pulse like never before. It has become my personal assistant for everything happening with my contacts. The reminders in Sellf are my number one ally. Now I never forget to take care of my customers at just the right time. Nicola Stocco -

tasks assign

The history of prospects and clients is up-to-date and at my fingertips

With Sellf, you have the answers ready for your customers because you find phone calls, offers, meetings, notes, emails, and projects all in one place. Sellf automatically collects and organizes this information for you, and you can share it with your team.

I streamlined working times. I monitor the daily management of the goals and opportunities; and when I see my customers, everything's at my fingertips, including their past histories. Francesco Maria Galletto


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