Deal management

Gestione delle venditeDeal management

Close more deals with less effort, help your team achieving business goals.

Generali Brand

“As a sales manager I no longer spend my weekends trying to analyze spreadsheets and other files, thanks to Sellf I can track goals achievements and measure my team’s progress in real time.”

Davide Bonalumi

Davide Bonalumi – Insurance agent for the agency Generali Rovereto — read the story (Italian)

Visualize and drive your sales

Did you know that writing down a goal increases the chances to achieve it?
Establish clear and aggressive goals for your sales team and boost productivity. Thanks to our visual dashboard, we make it easy to set goals, track your progress toward them, get rewards to stay motivated.

Surpass Goals

Take control of every aspect of your sales process—from the early stages to closing, — all in one place. Your hottest and most important deals are highlighted. Know how much of your expected revenue is near closing, and which deals need immediate action.

Sales Funnel

Our new sales campaign builder makes it easy to plan and execute your campaigns, and track real-time results.
Launch multiple campaigns at once, get reports on how well your team is performing. Identify the reasons why deals are lost.

Sales Campaigns

Customer background

Customer background

Log sales activities automatically

Keep your sales CRM up to date in real time, write down every interaction with your customer: add notes, todos and events in your mobile CRM, even as your meeting is in progress. Quit taxing your memory trying to remember activities at the end of the day.

“Having immediate access to emails sent, previous proposals or calls logs can lead you to take a step forward in negotiations and get closer to winning a deal. I always recommend my collaborators: “Read carefully your deal’s details before you step into a sales call: there is the key to find out the customer’s needs and open new business opportunities”.

Gennaro Navarro

Gennaro Navarro – Sales Manager for Gruppo Bonifacio — Read the story (Italian)

Mobile CRM

Close more deals on the go

Sellf was born as a mobile CRM for field sales agents. Our native mobile apps offer all the functionalities of the sales CRM on your smartphone, so you never miss important sales activities.
Track new leads and customers interactions, add checkins and update your deals in real-time on the field, even when you’re offline.
No need to enter data in the evening at your desk.

“The main reason we chose Sellf is its mobile-first approach, since we know that updating contact information at the desk is the most frustrating thing about most CRMs.”

Gianpaolo Meloni

Gianpaolo Meloni – Sales Manager for Unicar-Yale — Read the story (Italian)

Mobile CRM

Multiple Sales Pipelines

Sales Funnel

Manage multiple sales pipelines

If you follow different types of prospects or services, Sellf lets you build a customized process for your sales funnel. In order to track multiple unique sales processes, you can create an unlimited number of sales pipelines and define a different type of goal for each pipeline: money or quantity. You can also set a different win probability percentage for each stage, gaining the total amount of your weighted pipeline of all your active deals.

Products catalogue

Create and link products to your deals

Create custom products or services to your deals: add product codes, costs, costs to produce, special discounts and much more.
If you add products to a deal, the deal value will be computed automatically based on the sum of product prices in that deal. This feature is a great way to create a product catalogue and define default prices for your deals with less data entry.


Products catalogue

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Most loved features by teams and managers

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24/7 data sync

Enjoy seamless sync across all your devices, work offline from our mobile apps.

Custom fields

Define custom fields to capture and manage any additional information for your customers and deals that are more specific to your company’s needs.

Filter and sort deals

Filter deals by potential value, expected close date and much more so nothing falls through the cracks.

Channel acquisition

Want to know what are the most important customer acquisition channels and create more effective sales workflows? Our Deal Sources field is here to help: as you begin adding deal sources to your Sellf deals, you’ll start to assemble an invaluable data set for tracking where your qualified leads are coming from.

Lost Deal analysis

No matter how good your sales team is, some deals will just simply not continue. Thanks to the “Loss reasons” field you will be able to you track reasons and identify trends in why deals are marked as lost or abandoned.

Win probability

Win Probability brings even more depth to your sales pipeline, ensuring you have a better view on the forecasted value of all your active deals.
By setting the win probability for your sales stages, you can predict your sales results and grow your business more predictably.

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Lead & Customer management

Easily manage your prospects and customers from a central hub.

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Gamify your sales

Increase collaboration and motivate your team to achieve business goals by gamifying your sales process.

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Team collaboration

Centralize, share information on deals with your team for better co-operation and receive real-time updates.

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