Keep your contacts in sync between Sellf and your favorite apps, with PieSync

Keep your contacts in sync between Sellf and your favorite apps, with PieSync
PieSync integration

We know that keeping your contacts in sync within Sellf and other tool you’re using is crucial to your business. PieSync does this for you: it works in the background and integrates your contacts two-way and in real time between your favorite cloud apps. This means you will have access to the most up to date customer information, no matter where you are or who entered the data.
For instance, you can sync your Sellf contacts with your Google Contacts, but you can also keep contact data synchronised between Sellf and a marketing platform like Mailchimp, or your contacts stored in your Gmail account.

Every time you add or update a contact in Sellf, it is automatically synced with the other app, and vice versa – eliminating import/export!

piesync allows you to sync Sellf with many applications. These, just to mention a few, are Google Contacts, Office 365, Mailchimp, Drip, Shopify. Here is the complete list:

What makes PieSync different from Zapier?

In case you’re thinking about it, Zapier only pushes data from one app to the other in one direction. This could be very useful in many cases, but sometimes it’s not enough. Zapier is more about pushing data from one app into another, automatically adding information to help you automate tedious tasks.
PieSync is more about keeping two app in sync and it offers two-way syncing features like version merging or version conflict resolution.
Besides contact data that was created before your Zap in Zapier was turned On will not be acted upon, while PieSync, during the initial sync, matches the existing, historical data between the two apps you chose to connect together.

What are you waiting for? Read our FAQ and activate a free trial of PieSync, in order to automatically and instantly synchronize the data of all your applications.

If you have not used Sellf yet and want to discover its potential, try it for free for two weeks!

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