Using Evernote as a CRM with Sellf

Using Evernote as a CRM with Sellf
Using Evernote as a CRM with Sellf

Evernote is a powerful and versatile tool that starting from a simple and almost trivial feature – taking notes and organizing them – enables users to fulfill hundreds of activities and makes their lives simpler. But when it comes to using Evernote for business activities, and especially for managing sales processes, even our beloved elephant needs an extra support.

Given the multiple purposes Evernote could be used for, many people have endeavored to explain how to structure notebooks and notes in order to create sales processes. The most common idea is to create different notebooks stacks, moving notebooks between them when the sales opportunities evolve over time. Besides, it is possible to find articles on many different methods to save client information in the notes by importing them from the smartphone address book. Anyway these are all bare tricks, which do not solve all the needs of sales agents and sales teams. Indeed, customer information saved on Evernote notes are static, since they do not allow to directly call customers or send them an e-mail from the application, and they cannot be automatically updated. Plus, the process of moving notes between notebooks following an agile logic is cumbersome and unintuitive. From here the effort of the main CRM services, such as Salesforce, to integrate Evernote notes inside their sales opportunities. But even in this case these services are complex and expensive, affordable only to large companies that do not normally use Evernote.

Here is where Sellf comes into play. Just login with your Evernote account into Sellf to authorize the integration, and let the magic begin.

Authorize Sellf on Evernote

Authorize Sellf on Evernote

The notes taken on Evernote are associated with the respective customers and sales opportunities of Sellf, so as to be easy to find and always available when needed. To do so, go to the Opportunity page or to your notes page, and tap the “plus” button: tap “From Evernote” and then choose the note you want to integrate, reading a preview directly from Sellf.

Open Evernote note on Sellf

View notes preview to choose the ones you want to integrate.

Vice versa, all notes taken on Sellf are also saved in the desired Evernote notebook, fully editable and easy to find. When you create e new note, click “Sync with Evernote” and choose the notebook where you want the note to be saved. Either way you would be able to read and edit the note directly from Sellf.

Evernote note in Sellf

Read the note directly into Sellf Opportunities

This way, it’s super easy to retrieve the right note in the right moment! For example, when a real estate agent shows multiple houses to a client, he can associate to the Sellf customer’s profile one Evernote note that recaps his/her needs, so as to access it easily through Sellf during the next visit. Then, during the visit he can take quick notes directly from Sellf about all the new requirements of the customer, editing them later on Evernote and sharing them with other members of his sales team.

Thanks to Sellf, Evernote users could still use for business the app they love so much, exploiting its full potential and turning it into a proper tool for sales management. In fact, both Evernote and Sellf are born from the same idea of simplicity: in order to set a lean sales work process, it’s it is not always mandatory to buy expensive software and change the way you work!

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