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Easily manage your prospects and customers from a central hub.

Transactionale Brand


“Sellf is a great solution to track the hottest prospects and monitor the performance of the sales team.”

Marianna Chillau

Marianna Chillau – CEO & Head of Sales
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Everything you need about your customer in one place

From one screen, get the whole picture about your customers: characteristics, deals (open, won or lost), touchpoints and the todos and events scheduled with them. Learn how they’ve interacted with your company and your product, and engage in personalized conversations.


Keep track of every interaction between you and your customer: history is actually logged in a tidy timeline, including calls, emails, meetings and notes. You can know exactly what was said to and shared with each customer and it’s easy to move into action to meet their needs in a timely manner.

Remember everything you need about your customer


Customer service at the right time

Stay on top of the things that matter with our smart reminders. Sellf will notify you on important events and milestones, from customer anniversaries to important emails to send. You no longer risk forgetting a client or lead. The “Stay in touch” feature frees up your mind, leaving Sellf to alert you when the time is right.

Stay in touch with your customer

Map of your customers

Customer map

More sales on the go

In a mobile-first world, why sell only from your desk? Get all the benefits of a Sellf CRM on your mobile device: Sellf is perfectly integrated with Google Maps and shows your customers on a beautiful map.

Are you traveling to visit prospects? Spend your time wisely: Sellf shows you pin drop icons for any nearby people and open deals, so you can plan the most efficient routes.
In just one tap get directions to your customer’s location.


Segment your customers any way you want

Enrich your customer profiles using tags or create all the custom fields you want to fit your company’s needs. Use filters to organize your customers, target the right segment and improve your leads conversion.

Segment your customers any way you want

Segment your customers any way you want


Capture leads from your website

Converting your website visitors into leads is now easy with Sellf lead capture web form! Choose the data you want to prompt your visitors to fill in the form and voila, you’re done! Place the web form on a page on your site and it will be integrated with Sellf, so every time someone fills out the form you are notified real-time and the lead is created automatically in your Sellf account.

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24/7 data sync

Enjoy seamless sync across all your devices, work offline from our mobile apps.

Custom fields

Define custom fields to capture and manage any additional information for your customers and deals that are more specific to your company’s needs.


Add keywords to your customers and deals, making them easier to find and browse when you’ve got a lot of them. You can use tags to associate data to categories, events or places and create custom filters that fit your workflow.

File storage and backup

Link files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote or upload documents into our cloud storage, with easy collaboration for the entire company.


Easily import data from other tools with spreadsheets file, export data the way you want: create your own file by selecting only the Sellf fields that you’d like to export and sorting them as you wish.

Automatically log calls

Automatically log all outgoing calls. When a prospect calls you, manually log the call in Sellf and add notes.

Email tracking

Sellf from your inbox, track and see your emails automatically linked to the appropriate lead or deals’s record in Sellf.

Sync with your address book

Keep your contacts in sync between Sellf and your address book (available on iOS devices).

Define roles and permissions

Easily structure your business’ hierarchy and choose who views which customers, deals and records.

Fungo Marketing Brand

“Sellf is a flexible tool and it became a precious partner for us that always put our customers first.”

Valerio Italia

Valerio Italia – Founder & Business Developer
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Deal management

Close more deals with less effort, help your team achieving business goals.

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Integrated calendar

Keep track of all your events in one calendar shared with your sales team.

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Notes & documents

Simplifies your teamwork with a central place to take notes, organize and share files.

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