7 Tips to Choose the Right Wine for a Business Dinner

7 Tips to Choose the Right Wine for a Business Dinner
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No matter if you are in Italy, China, Usa or United Arab Emirates, wherever you are there’s an element that will accompany you in all the most important negotiations: big deals are closed around a table… a restaurant table, of course!

What at first glance could seem a pleasant and informal place that could facilitate your negotiations, in one moment can transforms itself into a trap in which you may be entangled.

There’s nothing more diversified and personal than taste on the table and tastes may be hard to please.
In the last few years talking about food and wine has become trendy and so it’s increasingly difficult to distinguish between the real experts, well trained wine-enthusiasts and “improvised experts”!
Choosing the right wine should be a pleasure and not become a nightmare and, to help you in this, we created a series of simple but effective, broken down by levels of experience, tips!

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1) Use the wine list

Wine list is your precious guide to find your way among the restaurant cellar’s bottles. Don’t consider only the division between red and white wines but pay attention to wines’region and areas of origin.

2) Don’t be afraid to ask the sommelier!

If the restaurant has a sommelier, don’t hesitate to ask for advice: he knows all the wines in the restaurant and probably has written the wine list. He will helps you to do well without mistakes.
Avoid saying blatantly how much you want to spend; to make clear your budget to the sommelier use phrases like “I would like to take this bottle here, What do you say? What would you recommend me like that?”

3) Impress without exaggerate

Ok,it’s a business dinner and you have to impress your customer but be careful not to concentrate only on the wine price factor, otherwise you should spend a lot for a wine that, perhaps, is not well matched with your menu.

4) Be yourself

Don’t pretend to know the world of wine more than you know it for real: if you sit in front of a wine lover, avoid blabbing or he will make a bad opinion of you.


Wine lover

If you are a wine lover you shouldn’t have problems reading the wine list: you probably will know most of the wine groving regions and grape varieties in the list and, maybe, also some wineries’ name. Focus yourself in trying to provide the best possible experience to your diner.

1) Figure out who is in front of you

Is your customer a wine expert, a wine lover, or he doesn’t understand anything on wine?
In the first two cases wine could become the key to reach a greater level of confidence and break down some barriers but if it doesn’t understand a lot, do not overdo it and do not flaunt your knowledge, you may appear boring!If this occurs, at the moment of choice, choose famous names (Prosecco, Barolo, Amarone, Brunello, Chianti …) that even non-experts also will have at least heard of.

2) Does your customer lives far away from your or your company’s region?

If your customer comes from another region or Country, choose good quality local wines: you’ll have on your safety to know them well and you will take full advantage of the link with the territory also to tell something about your company.

3) Don’t be boring!

Ok, the world of wine is something of wonderful and you should talk about it for hours and hours but remember that it’s a dinner to make business and not to please. Be careful to get yourself get carried away or you could go from fascinate your diner to bore him to death

Now you just have to try to apply these simple tips, remembering that in the world of wine moderation is as important as passion! And, of course, fell free to tell us which are your favorite wines for your business dinners!

Cheers for your next sales!

Alessaandro ScandalettiThis article was written by Alessandro Scandaletti an Italian Sommelier since 2011, fond of Italian food and wine, communication strategy, his business life is divided between wine and web marketing.


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