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Improve the performance of your sales network thanks to simplicity and clarity.

Unicar Yale Brand

“Sellf is a very easy to use: my sales team learnt to use it very fast, saving a lot of time.”

Gianpaolo Meloni

Gianpaolo Meloni – Sales manager for Unicar-Yale — Read the story (Italian)

Designed for simplicity

The CRM that your sales team wants to use

Sellf was designed for simplicity: the simple layout and the beautiful interface make navigating Sellf extremely easy and fast, you don’t have to waste hours of your time setting up and configuring your team structure. This drastically reduces time of adoption and churn rate, a real concern of traditional CRM platforms.

“Comparing Sellf with other CRMs, we were immediately struck by the extreme simplicity of use, the mobile first approach and above all the gamification: it shows progress towards goals in a fun and meaningful way.”

Edoardo Ribichesu

Edoardo Ribichesu, Founder & CEO of — read the story (Italian)


Beautiful interface




Fast adoption


Immediate dashboards



Amministrazione facile

Easy administration

Mirror your organization structure

The multi-level organization gives you the ability to replicate your organization’s hierarchy and the control you need to easily manage your sales account.
Share accurate customers and deals information across the different departments of your company.

Users permissions

Assign roles to your collaborators

Choose between administrator, manager or collaborator profile to optimize the organization, and let each user have access to the right data and features.

It’s important to convey to your team that Sellf is a support tool, not a supervision one. It allows each employee to have complete views of their customers and deals, grasp new opportunities, make precise analysis on the work done.

Sergio Balordi

Sergio Balordi – Agente Generale – Agenzia Generali Pavia Corso Cavour — Read the story (Italian)




AUser permissions

Custom sales goals

Make your team goal-oriented

If you want to run a high-performing Sales team, you should set clear and aggressive goals and track your team progress towards them. The Goal Dashboard makes it easy to configure individual goals for team members on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Sellf will automatically calculate the goals for the whole team and for each sales pipeline, giving everyone full visibility of what they need to achieve. Users will receive notifications about the goals that were created for them and will be able to track their progress in the dashboard.

Custom sales goals

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Most loved features by teams and managers

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24/7 data sync

Enjoy seamless sync across all your devices, work offline from our mobile apps.

Advanced goal dashboard

Using the Budget Goal Dashboard, easily establish clear and aggressive goals for each team member, on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis. Admins can avoid that Collaborators can change their own goal.

Multi-level team

Mirror your organization creating a hierarchical structure, group team members by role or region/group, define what records are accessible to whom at the team level.

Advanced user permissions

Create more complex data access permission layers. This is great for hierarchical teams collaborating on customers and deals at various levels of the company.

Assignment at higher levels

Your collaborators can assign you todos or invite you to an event, even if you are at a higher level in the multi-level team, always keeping your data private.

Customize everything

In Sellf you can decide what customizations should be tailored to fit your company’s needs: you can add custom fields, define multiple pipelines, switch off features you don’t need, making selling an even better experience for your whole team.

Generali Brand

“Sellf is a very intuitive tool, perfect for activities on the go and it was designed for field sales teams: unlike other CRMs, it is perceived as a tool that brings benefits, encouraging its spread usage within the team.”

Andrea Faccini

Andrea Faccini – Insurance agent for Generali Italia, Agency Erba – Corso 25 Aprile — Read the story (Italian)

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Team collaboration

Centralize, share information on deals with your team for better co-operation and receive real-time updates.

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Gamify your sales

Increase collaboration and motivate your team to achieve business goals by gamifying your sales process.

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Deal management

Close more deals with less effort, help your team achieving business goals.

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