5 rules to make your team the most effective ever

5 rules to make your team the most effective ever

This post is written by Lara Milani,  web marketing, content marketing and communication expert.

What are the secrets of a winning sales network? You’ll place yourself this question at least a couple of times, thinking about your team and how to increase its sales. For this reason, every yeat are spent millions and untold amounts of hours in teamwork workshops and programs to give a positive mood to sales, increasing productivity and sales. Following these simple 5 rules you will make your sales team the best ever!

1) Trust your team

Trust is absolutely the cornerstone of great workplaces. First of all, you have to get the trust of your sellers, but how? Respecting all your employees and contractors fairly, being sincere and having a friendly relationship with them. If they will acknowledge this relationship, they will open themselves and will be as sincere as you are, placing greater trust in you.

Moreover, trust in company goes hand in hand with business KPI! Notice that when there has been a loss of confidence from your sellers, you have recorded lower revenues! If you understand the relationship between business goals and trust that your employees and partners have placed in you and in your company, you’ll know how to improve relations.

So have faith in your team, from people with more experience to those rather novice in this business; people who are most experienced deserve your trust because they know your business dynamics and, maybe, they work with you for a long time. The “newcomers” deserve your trust to get the right rush to achieve the best results.

2) Your goal is their goal

The final result is what your sales network gets. If your sales are not those you outlined, there can be two reasons: it’s difficult to achieve goals, and, in this case, a good mobile CRM would be a blessing for your team (we recommend you take a look at why sales agents can’t do without using a mobile crm), or company’s goal is not clear or is not shared.

And here come your motivation and selling skills; you must be able to make your sellers identify with the results they need to get. Be sure your goal is their goal and their willing to do anything to achieve it is the same as yours, because the result is not vital only for you, but also for them.

If you know how to make them an integral part of company’s vision and mission, what you see  they will see too, and they will give 100% of themselves to reach the goals.

3) Reward and empower your salespeople

It’s important to reward all employees and associates who bring home goals, this is a worthy recognition to them for what they have done for the company. But it’s also important to recognize the passion to work by all your salespeople , rewarding professional growth and efforts to achieve the objective, thanking them for their dedication, encouraging them further and asking them what you can do better to help them improve and grow.

Reward in the right way those who have attained the goals, and put intermediate objectives to be pursued to achieve the final one, so all your salespeople are encouraged to give their best and have always the right compensation and motivation. The key aspect is encourage teamwork; ask objectives that can be achieved only working together with other colleagues, this improves your team reports and decreases stress, do you know why? People who are more involved in their work and lives in a collaborative environment where colleagues support each other, are less exposed to stress risks from a very demanding job.

4) Lifelong learning

This is the natural consequence of the previous point. You know, education is something fundamental for a company and even more for its sales network. In the digital age we live in, where every second there is something new, sales network must constantly keep up to date, with new technologies, new sales methods and new ways of achieving the objectives (Sellf team is here to help you!)

Constant training throughout the year become critical to your team and not just for technical updates in your industry; make them stimulating and fun, you’ll see that your staff will be looking forward to attend the next meeting! People constantly need new ideas and methods to manage  in the most correct way any type of customer and bargaining, for example by implementing their motivation and management techniques. In this way senior sellers will implement their method with new techniques becoming even more effective while new sellers will increase their self confidence. In each case you will have more results.

5) Have fun and enjoy

You are a team and the secret of any successfull team it’s to have fun. Work should not be seen and experienced as a burden that takes your breath and life, must not be a countdown to run away at the end of the day like Fred Flintstone! Work should bring rewards not only for achievements but also for human relationships. You have to feel good with your colleagues and co-workers, deal with them and help each other.

You can start first! Try to have a positive attitude even facing difficulties and problems, be friendly and listens to the concerns of your team, try to find solutions with them but,above all, seek to raise their morale, shows the positive side of things in negative situations.

Allow your team to develop their passions, this will only enrich the group with new energies that will help improve your sales!

Finally one last tip is to meet your sales network even outside the working time, to create a more charismatic team, knowing each other better and especially establishing a cordial relationship and friendship.

At the end, as you could see, there is a common thread in this article you have just read: human relationships with co-workers and colleagues are the biggest secret to improve your sales!


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