6 Tricks That The Best Insurance Agents Use To Generate New Customers With Facebook

6 Tricks That The Best Insurance Agents Use To Generate New Customers With Facebook
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In every business there’s no secret formula to generate new customers, but with a smart and pragmatic method you can boost your business.

We are in the information era where we can know really so much about our ideal customer thanks to what he does online, especially in social networks like Facebook. In this article we will analyze how the best insurance agents are taking advantage of this powerful tool to generate leads and real clients.

Nearly everyone is aware that it’s important to be featured on the first positions on Google Search with their business’ specific keywords.

Here are 6 simple tricks that the best insurance agents are using to generate more customers throught Facebook:

1. A structured presence

This means that we need to pass online the same image that you want to convey in person. It is therefore essential to have a Facebook page and not a classic user profile, where to treat the aesthetic and the name in order to capture the internal organic traffic. Here an example “David Red – insurance agent London – specialized in home insurance”.

2. Pages, not profiles

Many people use the personal profile and not a business page just because it’s handy. However these are two of the features that your personal profile doesn’t allow you to do: – social advertising (discussed in section 5) – analyze the insights of your followers and of the people that interacts with your posts in order to know better your audience. In the case you are part of an insurance agency, it may be also sufficient to create a page for your agency – without the need to create a single page for each individual agent. With this way you can also share the page administration among all the agents in order to allow everyone to post something and to have advanced statistics about who begins to follow the page and to interact with the posts.

3. Plan engaging content to share

After you created your insurer or your agency page, it’s time to figure out what to post that could be interesting for your potential and existing customers. In fact, Facebook is a great tool to find new ones and to build customer loyalty. Here you have 3 main topics in order to publish a high level content-marketing – that means promoting your page through useful and interesting contents, giving value to your reader and increase your perceived value as a professional

  • give advices and instructions, for example of how to prevent thefts in house
  • provide real-time information on dangers in the areas where you operate such as hail alerts. So you become a followed, credible and honest source of information
  • keep your followers updated about interesting technologies such as the ones about house and car security

4. Create trusting relationships

If we want to sell more we have to build up a good relationship with your customer, so the trust he has towards us. It is psychology proven that trust depends on direct human relationship, that is if for example we see the face of our interlocutor and that person reassures me with a simple smile, we will trust the most. So what to do as insurance agent? Put on Facebook a picture with a satisfied customer, for example a selfie! Of course, always ask the permission first. :)! Therefore we would get two advantages: an increased loyalty by the client in the picture and a greater confidence by potential customers!

5. Generate new prospects

How to generate prospects with Facebook? The best solution are the Facebook Ads, that has the most detailed and effective targeting than every other existing tool. For example, would it be interesting to show your ad to all the people that are going to marry in your area or that just bought a house? With Facebook Ads it is possible! There are so many interesting options to show your ad to your ideal customer and with this advertising type you will communicate only with interested people and you will have measured results, unlike traditional advertising. Wait, you don’t have time to create a banner ad? No problem! It’s even better because the thing that works best in Facebook Ads is sponsoring the post of the page, that as we said in the section 3, they can be really simple things like giving advices. All this can be advertised precisely in form of a sponsored post! 

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6. And now… think about yourself!

Once you have your page ready and dynamic, don’t forget your personal profile! This is essential to keep monitored the important events of your customers so you won’t forget birthdays and special moments, which can be another perfect hook to start a conversation and offer an additional service or simply increase the customer loyalty.

How you are using Facebook? Share with us some ideas and results that you had thanks to this social network.

This article was written in collaboration with Davide Dal Maso, Social Media Specialist.

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