Activity Based Selling: From Activities To Results

Activity Based Selling: From Activities To Results
activity based selling

Unfortunately there is no magic formula to sell. You can not calculate exactly how many calls, how many meetings and how many contacts with the customer are required to close a sale, nor what’s the perfect order of the steps to take. If so, it would be easy! Selling would be a matter of repeating the right actions over and over and all the sales manager should do would be checking that their employees follow the plan. On the contrary  (thankfully), selling takes a bit of creativity and every potential customer is a new tale.

What’s Activity Based Selling?

Still, from our experience we know that the activities we perform are very important to achieve our results. This is the principle behind the so-called Activity Based Selling, a current of thought that states that salesmen must optimize their daily activities, tracking them and identifying which actions are most effective. This way, planning goals of activities on a daily and monthly basis simplifies the way people work by reducing uncertainty, it motivates agents to carry out more activities and promotes productivity.

This approach doesn’t wanto to restrict salesmen freedom, forcing them to always perform the same actions. On the contrary, the goal is to track how they manage their time to help them reach even higher goals. For the sales manager (and event for agents) is very important to know how many calls are made, how many appointments have been taken, how many demo product have been carried out, etc. in order to better organize their team.

Plus, having a clear vision of what is happening allows the sales manager to make more accurate predictions, using the so-called Activity Based Forecast method: starting from the previous month results and the activities carried out, they can better predict the activities for the following month in order to achieve the same (or better!) results.

Sellf for a thoughtless Activity Based Selling

Keeping track of all these activities, however, should not become an activity in turn, wasting unnecessary time to track down what you did! Here comes Sellf, which allows you to monitor all activities as they are carried out, and offers detailed statistics and reports to analyze them.

Almost without you noticing, Sellf keeps track of all the calls and appointments you make and correlates them with the sales deals in the various stages of development. In the Activities Statistics section, the sales manager can see the aggregated data of all the activities carried out by his team, down in the detail of the different units and individual sellers. The same salesperson can review their activities to realize how they have changed over time and if they led to the desired results or not.

Sometimes, though, you need to be updated in real time: thanks to the Activity Stream, Sellf gives you updates on teams activities, allowing a full view of what your collaborators or employees are doing, to review the daily schedule if necessary.

activity based selling plan followup

Do planning and remembering activities stress you? Sellf helps you do that as well, reminding you the activities you need to perform and especially inviting you to schedule them in the right moment:

  • Have you just finished a phone call with a client? Sellf invites you to write down a note when you still remember everything you said, instead of wasting your evening in trying to recall all the details.
  • Have you added a new opportunity after speaking with a new lead? Sellf asks you if you want to immediately schedule a follow up for later and put it on the calendar, avoiding a more than normal forgetfulness.

Then of course Sellf will take care of sending you a notification when it’s time to call the customer or send him an email.

activity based selling report activities

This way, you avoid even stress: you have less things to keep in mind, feeling confident that someone else is going to bother for you, and you are sure to perform all the activities you need, tracking them at best.

And then, who knows that you won’t discover the magic formula for the perfect sale? 😛

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