7 Innovative Tools to Help Insurance Agents Find New Leads

7 Innovative Tools to Help Insurance Agents Find New Leads
7 lead generation tools for insurance agents

Sooner or later, even for the most skilled insurance broker comes the time when the phone stops ringing, there are no scheduled meetings and the number of sold policies is far away from the monthly goals.

How to find new potential customers, who could be interested in your offer? While for B2B agents it could be easier, since there are many tools that help finding companies contacts, when it comes to identifying individual consumers the job is always trickier.

We gathered some of the best online tools that allow you to speed up – and in some cases to automate – the search for new leads:

1. Google Alerts

Join the right conversations.

google alerts for insurance agents screenshot

Example of Google Alerts setting for insurance agents

The first thing to do is listen. On the Web, people speak openly about their needs and their problems: for example, they talk about the issues they are experiencing with their current insurance company, or ask for advice when considering to switch company or to activate a new policy type. Joining the conversation to offer them your products or to answer to their doubts could be a great way to attract new leads effectively. By setting Google Alerts on keywords related to the insurance companies you are working for, their competitors and the type of policies you have in your portfolio, you can receive daily email updates on the conversations that mentioned these topics on social networks, blogs and forums. Google Alerts offers this service free of charge and is therefore very simple, but if you need more detail there are more structured services, such as Mention, and other even more advanced, such as Sysomos, which are able to search for more specific queries, to interact with users and to track the key topics inside the text.

More information here: Google Alerts

2. Quora

Be the answer to their questions.

Quora for insurance agents screenshot

Search for Insurance questions on Quora

As in the previous point, responding to users’ questions is a very effective way to demonstrate your expertise on the subject, to get to know more people, and why not, to promote the products you sell. Among the many platforms for questions and answers, Quora is one of the most widely used at an international level. It even offers an entire section dedicated to questions about insurance and financial related matters. Register now and subscribe to your topics of interest to be updated on new questions, then take a moment to respond.  It can be a great way to build your reputation and reach new leads!

More information here: www.quora.com

3. GoToMeeting

Share your knowledge to attract leads.

GoToMeeting screenshot

GoToMeeting Example

When it comes to insurance and policies, people are often confused: they do not know what to choose and they are afraid of being fooled. Organizing webinars to unveil some “secrets” about they topics you know best, such as for example “errors not to do when choosing a car insurance policy”, you can gather the contacts of people interested in the topic, and even have an excuse to invite cold leads to participate, renewing their interest. Services like GoToMeeting allows you to launch webinar in seconds and even record them, so that you can post them on YouTube and make them accessible even to those who could not attend in real time.

More information here: www.gotomeeting.com

4. PadiAct

The right offer at the right moment.

Padiact Pop-up screenshot

Padiact Pop-up example

People visit your website without contacting you? Try adding a service like PadiAct, which make customized pop-ups appear when a user performs certain activities on your website. For example, you may decide to offer a discount on a particular insurance product to a user who visited a specific page, or to offer a free quote to users who are about to abandon the site. Without the need to know how to code, you can create the pop-ups you prefer adding text and images, and setting the conditions that trigger the pop-ups opening.

More information here: www.padiact.com

5. Colabo

Track the leads .

Colabo Lead Insurance list Dashboard

Colabo Lead Dashboard

Your potential customers are on social networks like Linkedin, Twitter and Meetup. How to track them and contact them effectively? Colabo comes to your aid, allowing you to save, manage and interact with the contacts of all the people you would like to target. Simply install the plugin, then navigate on Twitter, Linekdin and Meetup and clicking the “+” button when you find a person you think could be interesting. When you are satisfied, go back to you Colabo dashboard and send messages to the prospect you collected, using the right templates to offer them the right insurance product. If they respond to your interest, engage them in conversations and start the relationship!

More information here: www.colabo.com

6. Socedo

Find new leads and interact with them.

Socedo screenshot

Socedo Settings Example

If you are short on time and your insurance products are exclusively addressed to individuals and not to companies, Socedo is the solution to find and contact in a totally automated way the Twitter users with interesting profiles. Just set some keywords and choose the most interesting profiles among the suggested ones: Socedo will activate an automatic process of interaction, liking the last user’s tweet, following him/her after a few hours and sending a customized message if they follow you in return. For example, if you sell boats insurance policies, you can ask Socedo to identify sailing enthusiasts, then introducing yourself saying you share the same passion and then offering them a tailored insurance solution.

More information here: www.socedo.com

7. Opportunity

State your needs and offer your services.


Opportunity Dashboard Example

The best to find new leads is when people themselves let you know their needs. Opportunity is a platform integrated with LinkedIn, which creates a demand/offer network: those who register declare the services/products they offer and indicates the ones they strongly need. The system analyzes this information and put the right people in contact, sending alerts when a new member shows interest in what you offer. Insurance is one of the areas where you can offer services, so it’s worth it a try!

More information here: www.myopportunity.com

Concluding, we have found out some alternative tools and ideas to target customers for people who work as insurance agents and brokers. What do you think about it? In what new ways do you usually find new leads when your phone stops ringing? Tell us about it in the comments!

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