How to use video to communicate your differentiating idea and leave behind your competitors

How to use video to communicate your differentiating idea and leave behind your competitors

This blog post is written by Luca Conte, Sales trainer and vocal coach. Image credits: Shutterstock

“How can I effectively and consistently communicate with my clients, to retain them and get back to spend with me?

“How can I capture the attention of potential customers who spend more time online?”

As entrepreneur or even as seller, you asked yourself  these questions at least once.

If you think about it, sale is based on two main activities: acquisition of new clients and managing existing customers.

In increasingly competitive markets, with more and more customers informed, exposed every day to hundreds of messages between social, tv, radio, it becomes paramount get you noticed and emerge, making evident your differentiating idea.

In my sales coach daily activities I face with this scenario, with companies that have amongst their competitors other companies that deal with the same mark.

So the question that I share with entrepreneurs and salespeople is: how can you be choosen by customers, when there are competitors who have your same sign within a few kilometers from you?
Whether they’re car dealerships, phone shops and more generally franchise chains, for these companies becomes vitally important to bring out their differentiating idea, the added value that distinguishes them clearly from competitors who base selling the same product or service, perhaps with the same economic conditions.

But what is the most effective channel for communicating your differentiating idea?

The ‘Online Video Forecast 2016, realized by  Zenith in 57 markets, found that in 2016 users have seen videos from mobile devices for 20 minutes a day, and in 2018 they will arrive at 33 minutes.
The combination video + mobile seems to give great satisfaction to those who will be able to produce valuable content.

I conducted a test with a car dealer, with whom we wondered “how to communicate effectively with our customers? How we can get noticed by potential customers who are looking for the products and the services we offer? ”

To answer this question, we created an editorial plan, offering useful and absolutely free content , communicated through a series of videos posted on the company’s Facebook page every Wednesday morning.

The idea is to make accessible to as many people very interesting topics that are often treated with technicalities, very difficult to understand for most people. Just putting into practice these tips, you can have measurable benefits.

I always ask to entrepreneurs: “If, by clients, someone would offer you a free service that allows you to save time and money in the management of your car, would you be happy?” Of course the answer is yes, but,practically, it is rare  someone to take steps to give this value added to its customers.

A practical example? You can create a video in which you give 3 tips to save 5% fuel and the tires to last 10,000 km.

I’ve tried this with a customer of mine with whom i’ve recorded some technical videos and i must say that the first results are very positive: also among the competitors these videos are doing “hype”, given that, as far as I could see in the automotive industry,  companies  that can  innovate just one aspect of their sales process and managing the relationship with customers can be counted on fingertips.

As car owner do you think that this content is useful? Think if you receive from your garage or from your trusted dealer, every week, helpful and free tips with whom you can save time and money managing your car.

At a time when you need advice on a repair, or if you recommend a reseller to a friend or acquaintance, what is the first company that you’ll be on your mind?

I always repeat to the companies that I follow that all the technology we have  are just instruments. The company, using all his experience and the desire to foster a relationship enduring with its customers, has to put the soul in each project and  communication activity.

Which is your  exclusive service you offer to your customers?
How do you contribute to making exclusive  your customers’ shopping experience?

Share your experience in the comments, you will give a great contribution to other professionals who, like you, day after day aimed to overcome themselves.

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