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Celebrate your sales wins in Slack!

Add the new Sellf integration to Slack so your whole team can be aware of new won deals in real-time.


Login to Sellf and create your team

Centralize, share information on deals with your team for better co-operation and receive real-time updates.

Login to Sellf

Connect with Slack

This new integration delivers push notifications to Slack, the moment someone on your team closes a deal.
Whenever a deal is won, Sellf posts to Slack with the deal name, deal owner, and value.

  • Login to Slack if necessary and then pick the Team to which you'd like to post in Slack.
  • Click "Authorize" to complete the authorization process.

Configure your Channel Preferences

Once you've got Slack authorized, you have to edit your channel Settings in Sellf and associate a team area to a specific Slack channel where to send won deal notifications.

Learn more here

All you have to do now is win your deals!

Slack integration is available only with a subscription. More info on Sellf Plans are available here.