Ipad Italia: “Sellf, the personal CRM for sales”

Ipad Italia: “Sellf, the personal CRM for sales”

“Sellf, startup that offers one of the most used in Italy mobile CRM solution for iPhone, has just launched the iPad version to give a new tool to assist all entrepreneurs and salespeople, in Italy and abroad.

The app consists of several sections, each dedicated to a “branch” of our work, which is graphically marked with different colors to be better distinguished from each other. Specifically, you can:

  • Manage and improve all your business and sales opportunities;
  • Keep track all of your performance results and achieved objectives and more;
  • Have complete control of your customers data, with the possibility of locating them using GPS, and contacting them in a few steps;
  • Have an integrated and updated agenda where to add all of your appointments, with the option of adding also reminders and notes.

Sellf features are completed by a full integration with Evernote and Dropbox, that  extend the storage space of documents and important information. You can download this application for free, by clicking here.”

Read the original article (Italian) on: Ipad Italia – Sellf, il personal CRM per le vendite

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