Add to your contacts all the details you need with Custom Fields

Add to your contacts all the details you need with Custom Fields

During your negotiations may be necessary to add “extra” information to your “contacts” an “companies”: a birthday, an important date, a specific time in which it is easier to be received, a note on the customer’s character.

Apparently may seem like minor details but every good Seller knows that any data that can help you close a sale is precious; from now you can quickly add even more details thanks to the new “Custom Fields” feature for Sellf for web.

In addition to the predefined fields you can add text, numbers, dates, times, checkboxes, drop-down menus, phone numbers and additional email. How? By following the walkthrough here below:

Adding custom fields

1. Sign into Sellf web as an administrator ( and navigate to “Settings” > “Custom Fields” and select the profile type you want to add your custom fields to: People or Companies.

2. Click on “Add custom field“.

3. Choose the custom field name, select the type of field. You can add up to 150 characters for the name.

The type of custom fields you create depends on the kind of business data you want to store. Below is a description of each custom field type available in Sellf:

Text  – A simple text field: you may use this type to add a brief description of your customers or the marital status, for example. You can add up to 255 characters in this field.

Number – In this field you can only input number values, you may use it to add your customers’ age or some specific codes.

Date – A calendar date input field. You may use this type to note down the last time you contacted your customer or an anniversary date.

Time – With this field you can set a specific time, you may use it to write down when the customer is available during the day.

Checkbox – A true/false check box option, you may use it to remember specific states of your customer, for example to know if customers have been already contacted or not.

Dropdown – A dropdown list field allows you to choose one or more values from a list. You may use this type to classify your customers.

Phone – You can use this type to add more phone numbers.

Email – You can use this type to add more email addresses.

4. You are also able to select a Multiple values checkbox for each type, except for Date, Time and Checkbox. Checking this box will allow you to add more than one cell for that field when populating the contact card info.
Applied to the “Dropdown” field, it will allow you to select one, or many choices from the list provided.
For example: if you define choices A, B, and C in a Dropdown field with Multiple values, you’ll be able to apply A and C to a record at the same time.

Below an example of how the Dropdown Field with Multiple Values will appear when populating the contact card info.

5. After you’re finished, click “Create“.

You can populate these custom fields while adding and editing records in Sellf, from any platform (Web, iOS, Android).





Custom fields can be added, edited and deleted only from Settings on the Web.
To edit a custom fields, select the grey pencil icon next to the name of your custom field. You can only edit its name and the options created in the dropdown field. You can not change the type of field.

To delete a custom field, select the red trash icon next to your custom field. You’ll be prompted to confirm your choice.

! Important: the field will be deleted along with all the inserted data in that field (for all your contact cards). 

How do I filter Contacts and Companies using custom fields?

Now that you created custom fields and populated your records, you can filter your data and segment your People and Companies by information specific to your business.

All custom fields will be visible and applicable in the Filter Menu in Contacts Page.

On Sellf Web, navigate to “Contacts” and click on “Filters“. On iOS and Android apps, tap on the filter icon in the upper right of your screen. A new menu will show up from the right.

Here custom fields are a great way to segment your customers. For example you may want to filters People who are subscribed to your Newsletter and that signed up to your platform in the last six months. You can do this by populating the Checkbox and the Date fields when editing your records.
Then, when filtering, select “Yes” in the Checkbox Field and the correct time period by using the “From” and “To” fields.
See example attached below.

Once you’ve selected the filters, click on “Filter” or “Apply” (on Android app). Filters applied are highlighted in red.
Click on “Reset” to see all your records without filters.

Custom fields are available for Starter plan and above. More info on Sellf Plans are available here.

Remember that custom fields will be shared with your team. Only the admin can create custom fields and edit these settings.

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