Mobility in the Italian Enterprises: lights and shadows

Mobility in the Italian Enterprises: lights and shadows
Mobile workers

If there was still need to prove it, now it is beyond any doubt: the use of mobile solutions help considerably companies and professionals to improve their productivity. From the results of the recent Mobile Enterprise Observatory of Milan Polytechnic (go to the study) it has emerged that mobile workers have recovered more than €10 billion in productivity in 2015 only, thanks to the use of laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Looking in detail at each category of mobile workers, the productivity saving ranges from 2% by top executives, up to 10% by sales agents to 12% by those involved in maintenance and installations. Applications supporting the sales force as Sellf can reduce the costs of the sales process from €2.5 to €6.5 per order, because they help to eliminate errors during the order entry, to minimize travel to customers and to maximize the sellers calendar. Then, every professional manages to be more productive thanks to mobile solutions, reducing the less profitable activities. Starting to perceive the tangible benefits, companies are spending more and more to equip themselves with the right tools: in 2014 they invested 2.2 billion euro, of which 550 million in software and mobile applications only, 18% more than in the previous year.

Osservatorio mobile enterprise - Mobile workers

Mobile Enterprise Observatory – Mobile workers productivity savings

But the situation is not as good as it seems: unfortunately these numbers concern only 25% of Italian SMEs, with a queue of other 15% who say they are ready to follow the good example. And the remaining 60%? Some say they are not interested in adopting mobile solutions, while others do not have the economic means. In fact, the survey conducted by the Observatory on a statistically significant sample of SMEs, found out that almost 2 of 3 don’t have an IT department that stimulates and directs mobility projects, and the budget devoted to ICT is declining.

Osservatorio mobile enterprise - PMI adoption

Mobile Enterprise Observatory 2015  – Italian SMEs mobile adoption

What could be the solution then? According to me, to come to the rescue of all these companies and professionals are applications just like Sellf, which do not require the adoption of the entire company but helps to enhance single business aspects. To recover in productivity is not necessary to change all the business processes and to invest billions. After all, mobility means flexibility!

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