New features in Sellf Reports: Loss reasons and Deals conversion

New features in Sellf Reports: Loss reasons and Deals conversion
new features in Sellf Reports

We know the importance for sales networks of accurately track the progress of negotiations conducted by the team and that’s why we start in April with two new features within Sellf reports:

  • Deals Conversion
  • Loss Reasons

Deals Conversion

Deals Conversion” report (available from Starter plan) allows you to view through a funnel graph  your negotiations’progress for each stage you established. After choosing your pipeline, a specific period and the area, with a single glance you can check for each step (or stage) the number and percentage of deals won, lost and stalled.

Loss Reasons

In sales, negotiations do not all end up in a positive way. The failure can be caused by many factors: price, customer needs, aggressive competitors and more. For a sales network it is essential to know these motivations to set the best strategies. Thanks to the new function “Loss Reasons” in Sellf reports (starting from Performance plan) you can view the main causes of failure of your deals, which seller are experiencing greater difficulties and what are the most problematic sales sources. You can ordering them according to the economic value of lost ones or counting the number of negotiations lost. To find out how to set up, visit the our F.A.Q.

If you have not used Sellf yet and want to discover its potential, try it for free for two weeks!

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