Keep your Sales Team Engaged: Discover our New Sales Activity Reports

Keep your Sales Team Engaged: Discover our New Sales Activity Reports

Hi! We’re excited to introduce a new set of sales activity reports on our web app to help you get a clear overview of your team performance over time and give them instant feedback on their own activities.

Sales Activity Reports

Sellf Activity Reports

How many calls does it take to generate a new lead? How many events for a deal to be closed?

The all new activity reports allows you to identify the activities which feed your deals pipeline and drive the best results:

  • It gives you instant access to: stats on calls, events, mails sent, newly created deals and contacts added by your entire team. You’ll also be able to filter by Area and adjust the date range to check the progress of your entire team and understand what is working and what is not.
  • Your team members will have access only to stats on their own activities and the activities of the Area in which they are working.

Find out now which activities influence the most your sales.

The Team Leaderboard to encourage positive competition

Sellf Leaderboard

In addition to the activity overview, our new leaderboard shows you the level of activities in your team and their achievements in terms of calls made, events, mails sent, won deals and new leads added.

  •  You will immediately see who is closing more deals and you will be able to identify early on if someone is having issues and immediately help them.
  • Leaderboards create also a friendly competitive atmosphere and keep your team motivated to always perform at their best.

Your team mates will be able to see only the leaderboard of the area they work in, so that they will be able to compare their progress with their colleagues in the same area.

Ready to start motivating your team and boosting their performance?


Our new sales sources reports are available only with Sellf Business. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can activate your FREE 14 days trial by clicking here.

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