Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Centralize, share information on deals with your team for better co-operation and receive real-time updates.

Generali Brand

“Sellf is very helpful in educating team members to collect and share information, keeping them organized and centralized. […] Data shared among all team members, in respect of different levels of access to information, makes work much faster and effective.”

Andrea Faccini

Andrea Faccini – Insurance agent for Generali ITALIA, Agency ERBA – CORSO 25 APRILE — Read the story (Italian)



Activity feed

Activity feed

Get visibility into team activities

The activity feed keeps track of all previous interactions between your sales force and your clients: logged phone calls, emails, contacts added, completed tasks or a deal status change.
And the best part is that it works in real time: sales managers, area managers and team leaders can always get to see all the hard work your team is doing, without hunting for info and weekly reports.

Push and email notifications

Keep everyone in the loop, no matter where they are

Selling on the go is incomplete without real-time notifications.
Field sales reps spend most of their time out of the office, but they need to stay connected and get notified about new leads to be followed and tasks to be completed. Thanks to the push notifications from Sellf mobile CRM, you won’t miss a meeting anymore and your team will always be up-to-date.



Push and email notifications

Real-time updates

Real-time updates

Celebrate sales wins

Spread the excitement of closing big deals with colleagues and managers: whenever a deal is won, Sellf delivers push notifications so the whole team can be aware of the good news instantly.

Daily and weekly reports

Simplify teamwork and communications

Sellf automatically sends daily summary reports via email to each employee and managers involved, freeing the salesman from the tedious task of filling out forms and reports at the end of the day.

“Our sales force is divided into two teams, one in Italy and one in Spain […] Everyday we wait the summary report email from Sellf to find out the daily performance of my Spanish colleagues: this report has become a time for clear, calm analysis and joy at the same time for the whole team!”

Edoardo Ribichesu

Edoardo Ribichesu, Founder & CEO of — Read the story (Italian)


Daily & Weekly Reportsi

Send messages to your team

direct messages

Send messages to your team directly in Sellf

Need to spread some good news with everyone in Sellf or to motivate your team during a sales competition?
Team leaders can rally their coworkers with direct messages in Sellf: you can send direct messages to specific areas or spread the information with the whole team.
Your message to your colleagues will be sent via instant push notifications and emails.

Sales Campaigns

Launch your sales campaigns and engage your team

Are you launching sales campaign on specific products and want to spread the news to your sales force?
In Sellf, the new campaign builder will make it easy to plan and execute sales campaign, target your customers and
engage your team collaborators. Setup a sales goal, define participants among your team and tell them about your campaign through text, images, video.

Sales Campaigns

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“Every evening, when we receive the daily report from Sellf, we can’t wait to see how the day went and the next morning we know exactly where to start. This is what entrepreneurs, managers and sales teams need in a CRM.”

Edoardo Ribichesu

Edorardo Ribichesu – Founder & CEO — Read the story (Italian)

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