Manage and assigns tasks to your collaborators. Increase your team productivity.

“I’ve been using an electronic agenda for 4 years, but alarms and automatic reminders was completely missing. Sellf offers all these features and proved to be a good solution that allows me not to forget any more event and to save a lot of paper.”

Alessandro Moro

Alessandro Moro – Financial advisor, Banca Mediolanum — Read the story (Italian)

Prioritize your day


Prioritize your day

This “Good morning” notification summarizes your daily schedule so you know exactly what to focus on that day, spending less time wondering what to do next. Each person in your team has a customized email that shows upcoming meetings, todos and which deals are most urgent.



Team collaboration

Perfect collaboration with your team

A quick peek at this list is all it takes to stay on top of your schedule and have a clear view of what your team is working on, what is done and what needs attention, without scheduling a status meeting or sending an email.

Team collaboration

Share and delegate

Share and delegate

Put the right responsibility into the right hands

Let each collaborator know exactly what work they’re responsible for with clear assignees and due dates. Get instantly update when the todo is completed.


Simplify your workflow

On your smartphone, call your customer directly from your reminder notification. Sellf will automatically log the call and automate next steps: after hanging up the phone, Sellf will propose you to enrich your logs by adding notes or to schedule your next follow-up, with a single tap.


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24/7 data sync

Enjoy seamless sync across all your devices, work offline from our mobile apps.

Recurring due dates

Remember deadlines and build habits with due dates and recurring todos like “every Monday”. You set their schedule once, leaving Sellf to alert you when the time is right.

Quick actions

Setup your todos type and then perform actions in one tap: call, send e-mail, schedule a meeting.


Updates via push, email and in-app notifications. Get notified whenever your collaborators complete tasks.


Add details, share information with your team for instant context and recollection.


Use filters to organize, focus on the most important todos first.

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Notes & documents

Simplifies your teamwork with a central place to take notes, organize and share files.

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Integrated calendar

Keep track of all your events in one calendar shared with your sales team.

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Lead & Customer management

Easily manage your prospects and customers from a central hub.

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