CRM for insurance agencies: the testimony of Nello Fusco

CRM for insurance agencies: the testimony of Nello Fusco

Nello Fusco is General Agent of  Generali Italia’s Agency San Donà di Piave-Duomo. Insurer for 26 years with his father, who does the same job by 40, runs an agency active in the territory since the early ’60s, becoming the local reference for the insurance sector. With a staff of 8 administrative employees and 15 agents (destined to grow in number in 2017) deals with all types of insurance, specializing in the security sector.

What made you try Sellf?

The aspects that struck me right away, beyond the fact that it seemed to respond to our needs, were ease of use and intelligent organization of the whole team work, with the ability to simultaneously manage the agent’s job and the company’s activities. From usability standpoint, the user-friendly look is definitely positive: with Sellf the user-seller is applying a motivator that every morning tells you what you have to deal with and gives you the urge to do more.

For how long have you been using Sellf? What are the benefits of using it?

We are using Sellf for several months and, after a period of testing, we realized that we earn a lot of time in work, no longer having to set manually daily activities and appointments: we just enter the data and Sellf does everything!

We learned that the initial phase of account setting up is crucial and now we are able to upload entire client portfolios to a co-worker in a few steps, and it’s a great time-saver for us!

How did you operate before using our CRM tool? Which of  the many Sellf’s feature is more usefull for you?

We were using other tools that require a longer series of steps: download the data from a software, import it to another, print data, send an email reminder. With Sellf we enter the data only once and then sharing, reminders, and everythin else are run by the application.

The big advantage of using Sellf is that in addition to the calendar we can import our client portfolios, use notifications in the app and, above all, we have the possibility to create annotations for a specific contact and share it with the team. Also, if I need to know which agent follows a particular customer, through its master data I can immediately see who is following him and send a direct notification. Before Sellf we had to check on the master data management and send an email or a text message or call the employee, now we have just to set the notification and, if needed, activate the automatic repeat, and we can do everything using the same app.

In this way Sellf is not only a useful tool for organizing the seller activities but becomes important for the agency’s administrative staff that is constantly and immediatly in contact with both the customer and the agent who is following him.

Let’s take an example: an agent of us submits a draft agreement and the government employee who is following the file finds that some document or information are missing. Before Sellf the draft agreement should be returned to the proposal, returning in the seller’s drawer with tha annotation of the presence of the error and the need to correct it: this obviously generates delays. To avoid excessive time consuming the employee generaaly calls the seller to request the missing data,  loosing valuable time because the agent not ever can respond immediately.

Using Sellf the process becomes immediate: once retrieved the customer name, we go back to his the seller’s name and than the governative employee places a note that appears both as notification in the application, either as self-generated email, solving the problem and saving valuable time.

Without a doubt there is a large margin of advantage in recovery time through the use of this application. Every business owner generally is organized in its own way, with its own system. Using Sellf  you can save a lot of time that you can re-use to deepen some negotiations or increase your performance opening new ones.

Speaking of time, how much time did you save since you start using Sellf?

Quantify time is not easy, let’s say that we have recovered approximately 30% of the time that “we lost” in policy  opening procedures; the time for the policies activation remains essentially the same, what we  improved is definitely the organization and internal communication. But for the administrative sector, a 30% saving is a significant gain.

In terms of seller effectiveness  and number of missed appointments and notes, the rate of improvement  rises to 100% because it’s simply impossible to forget something. Once you set a reminder it will remain visible until you have completed the action, avoiding the administrative staff to waste time sending e-mail and reminders.

Is it possible to quantify the increase of sales volume connected with the use of our platform?

Obviously in terms of sales volume it is more difficult to accurately quantify the role of Sellf, but there could be a meaningful example. In the last quarter of 2016 we took part in a competition for which we set a lot of ambitious goals and I must say that we have passed them by about 20-30%. Sellf helped us because, using it,we offer our employees an important tool that  helped them in their work, rewarding and encouraging them.

What are the advantages for the seller?

The seller has the advantage that Sellf is intuitive and beautiful: with a first glance you can see what is your situation, identifying closed contracts, those in processing and even simple potentially interesting contacts. In one application you can handle all your activities from A to Z. In the relationship with the customer, agent has immediately available contact data, policies of the data registered with his name. It also has the opportunity to send him an email, a text message or call with a single gesture,and you can also open a map on which appear all the customers living in that area and it’s all more comfortable!

In light of your experience, what’s the feedback from your staff?

Our network is young and so, most of our insurance agents immediately saw the potential of your CRM, showing great curiosity. At the end of the year, when was time to renew our corporate license, the agents come and ask us to continue to use Sellf because they realized that it was very useful, as well as intuitive thanks to its friendly design.

Thanks for your time Nello!

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